Plate 1
  • SCH0008. bear: grizzly bear, captive animal, taken in the San Diego Zoo
Plate 2
  • SCH0010. bee: bumblebee, wild, photographed in San Diego.
Plate 3
  • SCH0011. beetle: dentate stink beetle, photographed in Monterey, California. Range: California?
Plate 4
  • SCH0012. bison: photographed at Yellowstone National Park, wild animal. Range:
Plate 5
  • SCH0013. butterfly: monarch butterfly, migrate every third generation to central California. Photographed in Santa Cruz, California.
Plate 6
  • SCH0014. camel: photographed in Egypt, can detect the scent of water from miles away. Range:
Plate 7
  • SCH0015. canary: pet shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Range: used and bred all over the world in pet shops.
Plate 8
  • SCH0016. cardinal: photographed in Savannah, Georgia, wild animal. Range:
Plate 9
  • SCH0017. caribou: photographed in Alaska, member of the deer family. Andy Day /
Plate 10
  • SCH0018. cat, domestic: photographed in Atlanta 6-10-98. What kind of breed, range?
Plate 11
  • SCH0019. centipede: giant centipede; Scolopendra hero; California and Arizona; painful bite; San Francisco Insect Zoo.
Plate 12
  • SCH0022. cichlid: rainbow cichlids, pet shop animal from Monterey, California. Range: used and bred all over the world in pet shops