Plate 1
  • PAL0001. CAMOUFLAGE: eyespot on eclipse butterflyfish; Chaetodon bennetti; may scare predators away; Palau
Plate 2
  • PAL0002. (CLN58) pink anemonefish;Amphiprion perideraion; gain protection and food among stinging tentacles of host anemone; Heteractis magnifica; Palau
Plate 3
  • PAL0003. sleeping pyramid butterflyfish; Hemitauricthys polylepis; darkens its colors; Palau
Plate 4
  • PAL0004. closeup of pectoral fin of a sleeping parrotfish;Scarus species; Palau
Plate 5
  • PAL0005. (CLN51) BEHAVIOR: pink anemonefish;Amphiprion perideraion; bites and puts head inside host anemone’s mouth; Palau
Plate 6
  • PAL0006. sleeping black-spotted pufferfish;Arothron nigropunctatus; has defenses of puffing up and highly poisonous flesh; Palau
Plate 7
  • PAL0007. long-nosed hawkfish pair; Oxycirrhites typus; under soft coral tree; Palau
Plate 8
  • PAL0008. long-nosed hawkfish pair; Oxycirrhites typus; within soft coral tree; Palau
Plate 9
  • PAL0009. long-nosed hawkfish; Oxycirrhites typus; lives and hunts within large sea fan; Palau
Plate 10
  • PAL0010. three spotfin lionfish; Pterois antennata; in a coral cave; will emerge to hunt at night; Palau
Plate 11
  • PAL0011. Blue Corner; famous dive site at Palau; coral wall rises straight up from 100s of feet; strong current sweeps up wall; Palau
Plate 12
  • PAL0012. school of gold-band fusiliers; Caesio caerulaurea; feeding in current; Blue Corner; Palau