Plate 1
  • OCT0019. giant Pacific octopus; Octopus dolfleini;and diver; Pacific Northwest; F. Stuart Westmorland/ Norbert Wu Productions,
Plate 2
  • OCT0021. deep-sea octopus species swimming; Octopus californicus; California
Plate 3
  • OCT0022. octopus; Octopus bimaculatus; mimics kelp by raising papillae, curling arms; California
Plate 4
  • OCT0023. two-spotted octopus Octopus bimaculoides swimming; California
Plate 5
  • OCT0024. CAMOUFLAGE: red octopus (Octopus rubescens) changes colors to match its surroundings; California
Plate 6
  • OCT0025. octopus hides in den; gathers shells of mollusks it has eaten; Sea of Cortez; Baja; Mexico
Plate 7
  • OCT0026. octopus peers out from moon snail egg case; California