Plate 25
  • FIJ0025. tiny goby on soft coral tree; Bryaninops amplus; Fiji
Plate 26
  • FIJ0026. (CLN3) pink anemonefish guards eggs at base of anemone; Amphiprion perideraion; Fiji
Plate 27
  • FIJ0027. (CLN24) SYMBIOSIS: orange-fin anemonefish Amphiprion chrysopterus;seek shelter in giant anemone stinging tentacles; Fiji
Plate 28
  • FIJ0028. SYMBIOSIS: anemonefish Amphiprion perideraion and Amphiprion melanopus; seek shelter in giant anemone stinging tentacles; Fiji
Plate 29
  • FIJ0029. BEHAVIOR: giant Titan triggerfish bulldozes reef; turns over boulders for food; Balistoides viridescens; Fiji
Plate 30
  • FIJ0030. lionfish; poisonous spines; stripes camouflage and serve as warning; Pterois volitans; Fiji
Plate 31
  • FIJ0031. blue ribbon eel; Rhinomuraena quaesita; flaring nostrils aid in smell; Fiji
Plate 32
  • FIJ0032. coral reef: staghorn coral; Acropora sp.; provides home for damselfish; Pomacentridae; Fiji
Plate 33
  • FIJ0033. longnose filefish; Oxymonacanthus longirostris; stay among protection of staghorn corals; Acropora sp.; Fiji
Plate 34
  • FIJ0034. ECOLOGY: bleached; damaged coral; Acropora sp.; probably eaten by crown-of-thorns starfish Acanthaster planci; Fiji
Plate 35
  • FIJ0035. polyps of a soft coral tree; Dendronephthya sp.; Fiji
Plate 36
  • FIJ0036. (JEL40) large scyphozoan jellyfish Cephea cephea; Fiji; many animals associated with floating objects; RF