Plate 85
  • IND1011. VENOMOUS: group of lionfish Pterois volitans; adults form small groups; chase prey in groups; Sulawesi, Indonesia
Plate 86
  • IND1012. BEHAVIOR: false cleaner wrasse mimics a cleaning wrasse, darts in and bites larger fish, also called poison-fang mimic blenny; Plagiotremus laudandus; Indonesia
Plate 87
  • IND1013. CAMOUFLAGE: leaf fish Ablabys spp.; usually seen in the open at dusk; Sulawesi, Indonesia
Plate 88
  • IND1014. BEHAVIOR: juvenile white-lined lionfish Petrois radiata; comes out at dusk to feed on crustaceans; Sulawesi, Indonesia
Plate 89
  • IND1015. lionfish; poisonous spines; stripes camouflage and serve as warning; Pterois volitans, Indonesia
Plate 90
  • IND1016. CAMOUFLAGE: little dragonfish Eurypegasus draconis; mimics bits of surrounding debris; usually found in pairs; Sulawesi, Indonesia
Plate 91
  • IND1017. BEHAVIOR: flying gurnard Dactyloptena orientalis; spreads out large pectorals to scare away enemies; Sulawesi, Indonesia
Plate 92
  • IND1018. rockmover wrasse Novaculichthys taeniourus; adults are experts in turning over large pices of dead coral or rocks for a feed; Sulawesi, Indonesia
Plate 93
  • IND1019. BEHAVIOR: a hamlet follows a school of venomous juvenile sea catfish to catch prey scared up by the catfish; Plotosus lineatus; Sulawesi, Indonesia
Plate 94
  • IND1020. VENOMOUS: venomous juvenile sea catfish on a school feeding; Plotosus lineatus; Sulawesi, Indonesia
Plate 95
  • IND1021. golden sweepers (Parapriacanthus ransonneti), in a coral cave, Indonesia
Plate 96
  • IND1022. BEHAVIOR: a group of damselfish spawn on a coral reef at dusk, Indonesia