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Magazine Tearsheets

Use the links below to view some of Norbert Wu's published magazine articles in PDF format. Each PDF is supplied in a version of 4 MB or less.
American Way article on Blue Water Hunters [3.5 MB]
American Way Channel Islands Diverse Paradise article [2.8 MB] [6.2 MB]
American Way article on the Grand Canyon [3.4 MB] [17.5 MB]
Audubon article on Sipadan Turtle Seas [3.9 MB] [5.5 MB]
Earthwatch article on Maui reefs [3.3 MB]
Fast Company Swimming with Sharks article [3.2 MB]
Geomundo article about the Socorro Islands [3 MB] [16.1 MB]
National Geographic article about Antarctica [2.4 MB]
Outdoor Photographer profile of Norbert Wu [3.2 MB] [21.2 MB]
PHOTO Techniques Alaska Inside Passage article [3.6 MB]
Sierra Club magazine BVI photo use [0.3 MB]
Skin Diver article about Tahiti [2.9 MB] [4.5 MB]
Southwest Spirit Water World (deep-sea technology) article [1.1 MB]
Southwest Spirit Yellowstone Winter in the Park article [3.3 MB] [19.1 MB]
Stanford magazine profile of Norbert Wu [3.6 MB] [6.8 MB]
traveletc. article about Tahiti [4 MB] [7.1 MB]
Xtreme Video Tools of the Trade article [1.3 MB]


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