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Sponsors & Thank You's

Thanks to the following primary sponsors who have donated significant services, goods, or funds to support our work. We have chosen and asked for support from these sponsors, who offer the highest quality products and service in the photographic and travel field. Any company on this list gets our highest recommendation for the quality of their products and service.

Anton Bauer supplied their excellent rechargeable batteries and recharger which we use with high-definition video cameras. For Antarctic field work, these were particularly valuable due to their long run time, cold resistance, and ease of use.
We are big fans of the Dive Alert. It’s one of those perfect products: it is an absolutely essential safety item for any diver, and it integrates smoothly with existing equipment.
We use Epson printers for our in-house color printing needs.
We use Gates Housings for all of our video work.
Henderson Aquatics has supplied Norbert Wu Productions' expeditions for several years with their excellent wetsuits, hoods, gloves, and boots. We find their wetsuits to be the most flexible and comfortable ones on the market.
Ikelite Underwater Systems has been vital sponsor of Norbert Wu's work for several years. Norbert uses a wide range of Ikelite's products in his ongoing projects, including their underwater lights, flash units, light meters, smart chargers, and Lite Links.
Lowepro has supplied Norbert Wu Productions' expeditions for several years with their excellent camera bags, packs, cases, & Photographer's Gloves. Lowepro is a sponsor of Norbert Wu's presentations and workshops.
National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs provided extensive support for our underwater photography expeditions to Antarctica.
Pelican Products have supplied their totally indestructible cases in which we pack camera gear for travel and field use.
Norbert highly recommends Photographic Solutions' Sensor Swabs, Eclipse solution, and e-Wipes. They have performed great for him over the years, with his old film cameras, to his new digital still cameras, and now his HDCAM high-definition video cameras.
We use Really Right Stuff's wonderful quick-release plates and clamps for our still photography and all kinds of other usages, both topside and underwater. We used their precision, anodized aluminum clamps and plates to hold our cameras and lights both underwater and topside, including Antarctica. They performed flawlessly in the harsh Antarctic environment, never freezing up or rusting, and therefore earn our highest recommendation.
Norbert Wu recommends and uses Reef Photo & Video for his underwater photography gear, including stills and video housings.
Norbert Wu Productions uses Stockbox Photo Gallery Software to display its photo library online. We highly recommend it.
Norbert Wu uses the VR3 computer for his closed-circuit rebreather diving.

Thanks to the following liveaboards and land-based resorts who have hosted us for visits and showed us their treasures. Any operation on this list gets our highest recommendation.

We love the resort and the muck diving at Maluku Divers in Ambon, Indonesia. Their welcoming and helpful staff and superb diving guides helped us find and photograph many wonderful creatures that we had on our "life lists" and had never seen before.

Thanks to the following secondary sponsors who have supported our work with discounts on their services and goods. Any company on this list gets our highest recommendation.

As the premier manufacturer of drysuits and diver thermal protection, Diving Unlimited International, Inc. (DUI) has provided support and advice on keeping me and my team warm and dry underwater. Their knowledgeable staff has been exceedingly helpful and their support is appreciated.


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