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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a photo researcher or editor who would like to know if we have a photograph of a subject that you can license?
Here's how to use our website and search engine to find the image that you need.

Are you a client who has decided on a photograph to license?
Here are the ways that we can deliver an image to you.

How do we download images from your FTP server?
Here's how.

Can you email an image in the range of 40Mb to us? It needs to be 300 dpi.
Please read this.

Are you looking for rare, hard-to-photograph subjects?
Perhaps you are a photo editor who has used dozens of Getty and Corbis images for a project, and is hoping that we can supply the remaining difficult-to-find images such as swordfish, deep-sea anglerfish, or other rare, hard-to-photograph subjects? We can probably help you, but here's why we charge a premium for such photographs.

I am a researcher who is having an article published in a scientific journal. May I submit some of your photographs for consideration for publication to the journal?
Here's our answer to your question.

I am working with a nonprofit organization that is saving the world. Unfortunately we have no funds for photography. Can we use one of your images for free?
We no longer provide images at no charge, and rarely discount our images, for nonprofit organizations or researchers. Please don't ask. We have found that administering and negotiating the use of photographs for nonprofit organizations often takes up more of our time than working with our commercial clients. We have also found that when we donate the use of our images, the organizations do not respect our guidelines for the use of the photographs, and often do not even help us in return if we need access or help in our projects.

Hopefully one of these days, photographers and filmmakers will be recognized as persons who do contribute greatly to the environment with their imagery. They will be paid for their work, and they and their work will be recognized as much as scientists' and politicians'. Nonprofit organizations will recognize the value of great imagery for their cause, and instead of constantly asking photographers to donate their photographs (and the huge amount of time it takes to do so!), they will pay photographers just as they pay themselves, their printers, designers, webmasters, and the postman. Please read this letter from photoprofessionals that concisely and awesomely states our and other photographers' point of view on donating images for free. We are a signatory to this letter.

Please read this letter for more information on our policies on donating images to nonprofit organizations and researchers.

Do you need some author shots of Norbert Wu?
Here are some selected images.

Are you interested in interviewing Norbert Wu about his work?
Please read this document for background material. This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions, such as "how did you get started in underwater photography," "what is your favorite place to dive," "do you really make a living as an underwater photographer," and "were you underwater when you took that picture?"

Are you interested becoming an underwater photographer yourself?
Please read this document.

"Can you give me a job? I ask that you answer me personally."
Please read this document.


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