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$39.95 U.S.

Hardcover, 198 pages
10-1/2 x 10 inches
140 color photographs
University of California Press

Under Antarctic Ice

Under Antarctic Ice, Norbert Wu’s newest book, is a remarkable collaboration between one of the world's very best underwater photographers and a superb science writer. The text and photo notes represent the most complete description for lay readers of the natural history of this fascinating habitat.

“With his rare eye for stunning photographs and important biological stories, Norbert Wu offers the most spectacular collection of underwater images ever published for Antarctica.”
— Paul K. Dayton, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

"Working underwater in conditions of mind-numbing cold and often dangerously separated from the surface by six-foot-thick sheets of ice, Wu somehow managed to create photographs that transcend technical perfection to become art.... "
— Howard Hall, natural history film producer and author of Secrets of the Ocean Realm and Successful Underwater Photography.

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$60.00 U.S.

Hardcover, 252 pages
11 x 11 inches
275 photographs
Hugh Lauter Levin Associates

Splendors of the Seas

Splendors of the Seas is a large-format art book featuring Norbert Wu's best photographs from ten years of underwater photography.

A true work of art, it covers all manner of marine life.

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$18.95 U.S.

Softbound, 144 pages
7 x 9 inches, 117 color photographs
Stackpole Books

Selling Nature Photographs

Selling Nature Photographs is a guide to the business of nature photography.

It is packed with useful, practical information and examples.

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Hardcover, 360 pages
10-1/2 x 12-3/8 inches, 450 photographs
Hugh Lauter Levin Associates

Diving the World   SOLD OUT

With more than four hundred stunning color photographs by Norbert Wu and engaging text by Ken McAlpine, Diving the World captures the wonder and diversity beneath the ocean's surface. Twenty-four chapters covers the globe from the popular California Coast to remote outposts of Antarctica and pristine tropical shores. Diving the World also touches on current conservation issues related to the seas and their inhabitants, while offering hope for future preservation of these natural wonderlands.

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A City Under the Sea, a children's book, is a visual tour through a coral reef. It received the 1996 John Burroughs Association Certificate of Commendation. For ages 8 through 14.

Hardcover, 9 x 9 inches, 69 color photographs. Atheneum/MacMillan.

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Creeps from the Deep, written by Leighton Taylor and featuring Norbert Wu's photographs, illustrates and explains the world of the deep ocean. For ages 8 through 14.

Hardcover, 45 pages, 10 x 10 inches, 45 color photographs. Chronicle Books.

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Fish Faces, Norbert Wu's most popular children's book, shows fish in all their splendor, myriad forms, and color. Simple text introduces basic concepts. For ages 6 through 8.

Hardcover, 32 pages, 10 x 10 inches, 77 color photographs. Henry Holt.

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Scholastic Encyclopedia of Animals. says ".... highlights a splendid variety of 140 animals, from alligators to zebras, and many in between! Most of the animals featured are common to kids' experience, whether found in their neighborhoods or at the zoo. With spectacular photographs of each animal and a discussion of physical characteristics, behaviors, and habitats, this is a fascinating and useful reference for any child interested in the animal kingdom." For ages 4 through 8.

Hardcover, 128 pages, 11 x 9 inches. Scholastic Reference.

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Beneath the Waves describes a day in the life of a kelp forest. It received a starred review in the School Library Journal, a significant recommendation of the book's value. It was also nominated for the PEN Center USA Literary Award in children's literature and the Golden Kite Award from the Society of Children's Book Writers. For ages 8 through 14.

Hardcover, 40 pages, 10 x 10 inches, 70 color photographs. Chronicle Books.

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How to Photograph Underwater

Softcover, 128 pages; 9 x 7 inches. Stackpole Books.

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